Santa Claus in Sleigh Visa Gift Card

Santa Claus in Sleigh Visa Gift Card
SKU: 38QVN2U37 | Fee: $5.95
Fee includes the gift card and a custom greeting card.
*Card type will be printed as GIFT for this product.
**This card is valid only in the United States and the statement will be printed for this product.
  • Description

    The Santa Claus in Sleigh Visa Gift Card offers a look at what could happen if children were to not believe in Santa Claus. No eight-reindeer hitch and gold gilt sleigh; no flying around the world on Christmas Eve. No workshop at the North Pole. If he weren’t a saint before, Santa would be a saint for trying to keep the spirit of Christmas alive under such trying circumstances. But things don’t have to be this way, and you can be part of the solution. Give your friends Santa Claus in Sleigh Visa Gift Cards to let them see what could happen if we don’t all do our parts. Believe!

  • Redemption Details

    The Visa Gift Card can be used wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Please visit our FAQ section if you have additional questions.

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