Wicked Good Cupcake Gift Card

Wicked Good Cupcake Gift Card


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Gourmet Baked Goods shipped nationwide.

Wicked Good Cupcake Gift Cards have become a hot item for celebrating anything. Lots of people give them just because the cupcakes are so doggone good they want to share them with friends. This online specialty shop came up with an ingenious way to ship cupcakes worldwide, while keeping them intact and fresh for up to 10 days (they even send to APO addresses, for your military friends). The secret? Mason jars. Each vessel of happiness contains two ridiculously good cupcakes, covered with rich, creamy icing (they also have brownies, cheesecake, pie and gluten-free goodies). You don’t pour them out, you eat them with a spoon, right out of the jar! Give Wicked Good Cupcake Gift Cards and let them eat cake.

Terms & Conditions

Use of the Card constitutes acceptance of the following terms: Card Redeemable for merchandise and services only. Card cannot be used for gratuities. Cards cannot be redeemed for cash, except as required by law. Treat this Card as cash. If the Card is lost, stolen or used without authorization, it cannot be replaced. Cards can be redeemed at any Wicked Good Cupcakes location in the United States or online at www.wickedgoodcupcakes.com. For Card and balance information call 1-781-923-1369 or visit www.heartlandgiftcard.com. Issued by Wicked Good Cupcakes, LLC.

Redemption Instructions

May be redeemed by ordering at www.wickedgoodcupcakes.com. During payment, choose gift card option, then enter gift card number and PIN. Gift card can be used in stores just like a credit card. Simply present it to cashier for redemption.
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