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The Phantom Gourmet Restaurant Gift Card is accepted at your choice of 200 restaurants. From Boston to Worcester, New Hampshire to Providence, North End to South End, the restaurants offer a huge variety of price ranges and cuisine types. The recipient can spend the entire balance at one restaurant, or at more than one restaurant, as long as value remains on the card.

Give a Phantom Gourmet Restaurant Gift Card to friends or business associates for dining at their choice of more than 200 restaurants in New England that have earned the Phantom’s seal of approval. The Phantom Gourmet began in Boston in 1993 as a local cable feature and now has become a popular broadcast TV show in Boston and Providence featuring restaurant profiles, reviews and interviews with restaurant owners and chefs. Reviewers go anonymously to restaurants to evaluate them on a scale of 1-10 in 10 categories, including menu, value, and atmosphere. You don’t have to be a fan of the Phantom Gourmet to enjoy a Phantom Gourmet Restaurant Gift Card, however – just enjoy good food and fun. Give Phantom Gourmet Restaurant Gift Cards for any occasion.

Use of this card is subject to terms of the Cardholder Agreement. For balance, updated restaurant listings and Cardholder Agreement visit This gift card is non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash. Payment of gratuity is governed by the individual restaurant. This card cannot be used in conjunction with any discounts or coupons. This gift card will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. This gift card has no expiration date. This Gift Card is issued by PGC INC. Only restaurants currently listed accept this card:

Present your gift card to the server. They will manually key in the card number to obtain a balance. Then the desired amount will be removed from the gift card.
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