Mangia Mangia Gift Card

Mangia Mangia Gift Card


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Give a Mangia Mangia $25 Gift Cards to friends and business associates who like fine dining and Italian cuisine. Treat them to the bold flavors of the Naples and Calabrian regions of Southern Italy, featuring red sauces, fresh herbs and vegetables, and plenty of meat. The secret sauce at Mangia Mangia is just that – the spaghetti sauce perfected by Rose Scotese, whose family came to the USA from southern Italy. If you’re more in the mood for seafood, pork, chicken or beef, you’ll find plenty of choices. Be sure to try the cheesecake, also a specialty of Nonna Rosa that’s been treasured for generations. People in Kalamazoo and Western Michigan love to get Mangia Mangia $25 Gift Cards anytime.

Gift Card to be used in one of our Italian Restaurants, located in Kalamazoo, MI
Mangia Mangia (209 S. Kalamazoo Mall) | Mangia Pizza & Pasta Co. (3112 S. 9th St). This card may be redeemed for applicable goods or services at the above locations. Card is not replaceable if lost, stolen or destroyed. Except as required by law, this card is non-refundable and is not redeemable for cash. For balance inquiry: 269.552.4444
Present gift card at time of purchase of applicable goods and services
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