Sheetz $100 Gift Card

Promotion of Sheetz $100 Gift Card
Sheetz is the ultimate convenience store and one-stop shop for any of your traveling needs. Whether you need to refuel your car, grab some made-to-order food, stock up on snacks, or refresh yourself with an in-store espresso bar, Sheetz provides everything you need at your convenience. Sheetz gift cards can be used at any Sheetz location to purchase gas, coffee, refreshments, snacks and more. Purchase a Sheetz gift card today and enjoy 24/7 convenience.
A prepaid card redeemable for all purchases at all locations in PA, MD, OH, WV, VA and NC. No Fees. Cannot be used as payment on Sheetz charge or credit card. For gift card balance, or call 1-888-239-2856.

Sheetz $100 Gift Card Sale

For every $100 Sheetz Gift Card purchased, GET 5% OFF!

  • Offer valid from 04/10/2020 to 04/14/2037
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