Quilt Beginnings eGift Card $50

Quilt Beginnings eGift Card
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    High quality cotton fabrics.
    Any quilter in Central Ohio would love a Quilt Beginnings eGift Card $50 for great selections of high-quality cotton fabrics, quilting classes, sewing machines, sewing room furniture and expert help with quilting projects. When founder Cathy Daum first got excited about quilting she couldn’t find a single place that could help her put all the pieces together, and it took years to complete her first quilt. So she started Quilt Beginnings, a one-stop quilting destination to help people keep their projects moving along from start to finish. That was 1998. Now there are two locations – Sawmill Road in Northwest Greater Columbus, and East Broad St., for the other side of town. For quilters there’s nothing better than a Quilt Beginnings eGift Card.

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