Moshi Monsters 3 Month eGift Card $15.95

Moshi Monsters 3 Month eGift Card
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    MOSHI MONSTERS … available for everyone, but members get MORE! More exclusive areas! More missions! More Moshlings! Unlock Moshi membership today!
    A Moshi Monsters 3 Month $15.95 eGift Card will take a child to a wondrous online land of friendly monsters and exciting places to explore. Primarily serving the 6-12-year-old market, Moshi Monsters has more than 80 million players in 150 nations and territories worldwide. Part of their appeal is that these characters look more like friendly plush toys than fearsome monsters, which makes them perfect childhood companions. Children choose a monster and then customize its design and color. The monster develops more personality the more the game is played, as kids solve puzzle challenges, personalize their virtual homes, play games and interact with other players. A $15.95 Moshi Monsters 3 Month eGift Card is an exciting gift for a child.

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    Online only

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    Terms and conditions apply. Visit for more details. Minimum specifications required. PC or Mac with internet connection and suitable web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). For full system requireents visit Cards are not for resale. If you are under 18 you will need permission from an adult to set up a paid account on Moshi Monsters. For details and further terms and conditions see Except to the extent required by law, membership ecards are not for resale, non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and not redeemable for cash, credit or other good or services Mind Candy Ltd is not responsible for loos or damage resulting from any lost or stole membership ecards, or use without your permission.