KingsIsle Pirate eGift Card

KingsIsle Pirate eGift Card


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  • Kings Isle Pirate eGift Card
Pirate101 is an elaborate virtual world where players create a customizable Pirate and embark on an epic and daring adventure! Choose from any of the 5 pirate class types including the sneaky swashbuckler, strong buccaneer, magical witchdoctor, master commander privateer, or the sharpshooter musketeer. The greatest treasure ever dreamed of is out there somewhere in the Spiral, waiting for your Pirate to find it! Sail your ship through the skyways, build your pirate crew for tough fights, battle alongside and train your trusty pet, engage in ship to ship combat, and hang out with your fellow pirate friends in your own house!

KingsIsle Pirate Gift Cards make wonderful gifts for kids of any age who like online role-playing games. The classic pirate game from KingsIsle, Pirate101, is played by millions of kids who complete quests, sails ships (in the air!), make friends and battle enemies in the enchanting Spiral universe. They can use your gift to buy Crowns, the currency of the Spiral, which will open more worlds and possibilities to them. Parents like KingsIsle online games as much as the kids because all content is age-appropriate and the games have parental controls. Players can choose from classic pirate types (including the sneaky swashbuckler and magical witchdoctor) and select a pet companion to accompany them. Give KingsIsle Pirate eGift cards for any occasion.
Pirate101 is a game that you can play online. An internet connection is required to play, and some providers charge a fee for this access. This PIN Code may be redeemed to pay the transaction fees for playing Pirate101, or to buy in-game currency to be used in the Pirate101 world environment, but may not be used for your internet access fees. The PIN Code will be redeemed for the full face value and cannot carry a balance. The PIN Code is not redeemable for cash. Do not use the PIN Code until told to do so online. No refunds or exchanges will be given if the code has been used. All use of this PIN Code is subject to these terms and conditions, and any online terms and conditions at Void where prohibited.
Instructions 1. Go to 2. Login or create a new Pirate101 account 3. Enter the PIN Code as directed 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to play Pirate101
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