Bin Weevils 1 Month Membership eGift Card

Bin Weevils 1 Month Membership eGift Card
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  • Tesco is a fun and friendly online virtual world for kids! Create your Bin Weevil, chat with friends, watch videos, play games, there is so much to explore! This membership enables you to become a Bin Tycoon, allowing you access to exclusive premium content in!

Give a Bin Weevils 1 Month Membership eGift Card $6.95 for a kid to see what this virtual world for kids is all about. Bin Weevils first took form as a cartoon series on Nickelodeon in 2003, where it was wildly popular, so popular they decided to give it an online presence. Now separate from the TV network, Bin Weevils offers a fun, friendly and engaging way for kids to use their brains and learn useful things, including time and budget management. Kids create an avatar to represent them as they explore their virtual surroundings. They also can watch cartoons, read books and chat with friends. Give it a try with a Bin Weevils 1 Month Membership eGift Card for $6.95. (TM) is an online social world played via the Internet with other registered players. An internet connection is required to use the Membership and play. Internet Service Providers usually charge a fee to provide this access. You can only use this membership to pay the fee for access to for the length of time indicated on the product image, which is separate from and in addition to your Internet access charges. Refunds or exchanges of this game card are subject to the policies of the issuing retailer and only for unredeemed memberships that are surrendered to the retailer with the original proof of purchase. This membership cannot be redeemed for cash, except as required by law. Membership and game play are subject to the user’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions available at For customer support issues, see
To redeem this membership go to and enter your redemption code as provided by your retailer.
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