ZookaWare Gift Card

ZookaWare CloudZooka Gift Card


3 step file recovery Backs up to 3 U.S. datacenters Automatic, manual & scheduled backups Compression speeds up backups Encrypts files before backup


Online only

Redemption Details:

Activate this card in 2 easy steps: 1. Go to ZookaWare.com/card 2. Follow the easy onscreen instructions

Terms & Conditions

Use of this card constitutes your acceptance of the card terms, and your understanding that rights to the product do not begin until you have downloaded and installed the software onto your PC and accepted the terms of the subscription. Prior to use, the subscription PIN must first be activated. This card can only be activated at the register of the respective retailer. The card is only valid for a software subscription at ZookaWare.com/card. This card is non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. The subscription PIN contained herein will not be replaced by ZookaWare or your retailer if it is lost, stolen or destroyed.

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