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Activate Gift Card

Activate Your VISA Gift Card
Q: How do I activate a Visa Gift Card?
A: If you have 15 or more cards of the same brand, you will need to activate it. If your gift card has
    an 'Activation Required' sticker, you will need to perform the steps below to activate it.
Q: Where can I find my activation code?
A: The activation code is mailed to the purchaser of the gift card.
1. Select Activation Type. *
       (What's this?)
2. Enter 16-digit Gift Card Number. *


Card Number
3. Enter Activation Code. *  (Where can I find this?)

4. Enter Security Code. *  (What's this?)

Note: Type the 5-character code shown above.

For Visa Gift Card recipients:
We also recommend that you register your Visa Gift Card to take advantage of special offers.
Registering your card will allow you to make online purchases or will assist you if your card is ever
lost or stolen.

Registering your Visa Gift Card:

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